Dads’ Survival Guide: Possibilities — Our Passions and Purpose

Dads don’t talk. To one another.

“Work’s busy…Kids are great…Wife is fine…Life’s good.”

Sure, we chat. Kibitz. Catch-up. Yammer on about this or that. Dads will have conversations. Dialogs. Discussing things on our minds. But rarely, if ever, things on our hearts.

This isn’t a COVID phenomenon. A pandemic-induced silence…

Dads’ Survival Guide: Parenting

My kids were crying over grades. Again.

Our two oldest are having a rough start. In Math. Granted, they’re taking advanced courses. And Staples High can be brutal. Especially for our newly minted Freshman. A couple bad test scores has both of them feeling defeated. Crushed…

Dads’ survival guide: providing — our finances

It’s pumpkin time, again.

Not just adornments for front porches. Pumpkin lattes. Pumpkin donuts and ice cream. Pumpkin pancakes. Even pumpkin dog treats. As if dogs give a woof about seasonal flavoring.

Pumpkin season is bittersweet. On the one hand, it marks the close of summer. Time to stow the…

Dads’ survival guide: producing — our work

[Your Company Here].

It’s the only thing missing from this brilliant Tom Fishburne cartoon. Yes, our company. Any company, for that matter. Young. Old. Start-up. Established. Enterprise. One-man band.

Every firm is prone to rigidity. Staying the course. Overly wed to the status quo. Crippled by analysis paralysis. Onerous reporting…

Dads’ Survival Guide: Proclaiming — Our Beliefs

Football is back.

Wow! Going to games. Watching on TV. Local youth. High school. Alma mater. Favorite Pro team. Fantasy leagues.

Early season football is filled with excitement. Anticipation. Everyone’s optimistic. Hopeful. Even Jet fans.

Until reality sets in. Not all teams are champs. But it’s a nice feeling to…

Dads’ Survival Guide: Possibilities

All good.”

The big lie. Perpetuated by every Dad. To one another. All the time.

Kids are good. Wife’s good. Work’s good. “All good.” Really?

On the sidelines. The golf course. Gas station. Home Depot parking lot. Wherever Dads run into one another. And catch up. …

Dads’ Survival Guide: Parenting


Hard to come by. For Dads. And Moms. From our kids. A constant beef among parents. Myself included.

Feels like our kids aren’t listening. Obeying. Following direction. Doing what they’re told. Right away. Not when they want to. NOW.

Instead, they talk back. Complain. Moan and groan. “It’s not…

Dads’ survival guide: partnering — our relationships

The cricket is back. In our house. And he’s mad.

His TRILLLLLLL is loud. Super loud. And relentless. All-day long relentless. Loud. Relentless. And incredibly annoying. Worst of all, he’s invisible. Nobody can find this cricket. Not for lack of trying. We’ve searched. EVERYWHERE.

Maybe the Hurricane warnings spooked him…

Dads’ Survival Guide: Producing — Our Finances

I got new Kicks.

That’s my kids’ term. I call them Sneaks. Others say Runners. Trainers. Anything but Tennies.

Kicks means they’re cool. My kids were worried. Worried I’d buy ‘Grandpa shoes’. You know, those all white, first-generation walkers. That oldsters wear. Which look bad on Grandpas. …

Dads’ Survival Guide: Producing — Our Work

Collaboration. Teamwork. The keys to success in any business endeavor.

Working together. As one. Unified. The distinctive of attractive company culture. All firms strive for rich connections among staff members. Cohesiveness. Building the bonds necessary for high-performing teams.

Wow. Awesome. Every Dad is on board for this type of workplace.

Dave Smith

Leadership Coach, Advisor, Dad of four, Novelist.

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